Jumat, 15 April 2016

2 HDD Eksternal Baru dari Transcend

Pembuat piranti daya simpan & multimedia Transcend mengumumkan dua product hard disk eksternal terbarunya, merupakan SJM300 & SJM500. 

Keduanya ialah hard disk eksternal yg memanfaatkan HDD (SJM300) & SSD (SJM500) & kompatibel buat piranti Mac OS. Keduanya sudah hadir memakai format HFS+ & sudah memberi dukungan tehnologi Time Machine, USB 3.0, & Thunderbolt. hdd eksternal harga

Transcend SJM300 & SJM500 pula hadir bersama bodi berbahan metal. Keduannya di lengkapi dgn system suspensi kusus yg dikatakan bisa memberikan perlindungan tambah baik dari hard disk eksternal yang lain. 

Dua hard disk eksternal ini pun mempunyai system enkripsi data terintegrasi maka bakal melindungi data-data utama Kamu. 
Utk performanya, Transcend SJM300 & SJM500 hadir dgn dua port data merupakan USB 3.0 & Thunderbolt. Keduanya dikatakan sanggup menghadirkan kecepatan transfer data yg tinggi ialah sampai 10Gbps. 
Menyongsong Hri Bumi kepada 22 April akan datang, Apple mengumumkan acara promosi buat beri dukungan World Wildlife Fund (WWF), bertema, Apps for Earth. Acara ini pula jadi bidang dari kebijakan pro-lingkungan raksasa tehnologi ini. harga ganti hardisk laptop

Apple bakal mendonasikan seluruhnya hasil dari penerapan partisipan acara ini terhadap World Wildlife Fund (WWF) sampai 24 April. Tidak Hanya itu, Apple dapat mengaplikasikan perubahan kepada App Store, menampilkan sebahagian agung penerapan & game yg sudah di-update dgn konten terkait lingkungan. 

BACA JUGAApple OS X Akan Ubah Nama Menjadi MacOS?Daur Ulang Emas, Perak & Tembaga, Apple Sanggup Raup USD40 JutaApple Mau Rombak App Store? Konsumen piranti Apple bisa juga turut berkontribusi pada WWF, bersama membeli penerapan atau game berikut partisipan dalam sembilan hri akan datang. 

selain penerapan berbayar, terdapat serta penerapan free yang merupakan partisipan dari acara ini. Terhadap penerapan cuma-cuma ini, Apple dapat mendonasikan hasil transaksi pembelian dalam penerapan(in-app purchase) terhadap WWF. 

Jumlahnya konten eksklusif pun bakal bakal dinikmati konsumen yg sudah mengunduh atau memasang penerapan partisipan. Sbg sample, konsumen Hearthstone sanggup membeli pahlawan bertenaga baru, Khadgar. 

Sementara itu, peminat Hay Day bisa membeli WWF Bag of Diamonds & hasil dana pembelian tersebut bakal difungsikan buat acara amal, & pembeli Candy Crush Soda Saga sanggup menikmati program baru eksklusif. 

Penerapan & game partisipan lain di antaranya Star Wars : Galaxy of Heroes, Enlight, SimCity BuildIt, Trivia Crack, Kendall and Kylie, Line, Cut the Rope : Magic, Jurrasic World : The Game, Angry Birds 2, VSCO, MARVEL Contest of Champions & yang lain 

Transcend SJM300 & SJM500 hadir dalam beraneka ragam varian kapasitas, sejak mulai dari 256GB sampai 1TB buat SJM500, & 2TB buat SJM300. 

Transcend SJM300 2TB dibanderol dgn harga Rp3.766.000. Utk Transcend SJM500, dibanderol bersama harga Rp4.046.000 buat varian 256GB, Rp6.986.000 buat varian 512GB, & Rp12.306.000 buat varian 1TB. 

Minggu, 03 April 2016

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) review

there's always been a lot of cheaper alternatives to the Galaxy S six things
to Samsung's a series but here with the . inch Galaxy a five we might have the
best and most similar option
hello everybody it's Chris Solara and this is our review of the Samsung Galaxy
a five I believe this could be the best option for people who love to pick up a
Galaxy S six but can't justify the price is due to the size of a  sports only
a . inch display which makes us feel very similar to that has six is quite a
small package thanks to a small vessels and can really easily be mistaken for a
normal galaxy s sex although we have this nice gold color here and of course
we have a beautiful Gorilla Glass for back panel here creating a beautiful
look and also feel in the hand the whole idea of Samsung's a series lineup give
users a beautiful premium design phone at a lower cost as we'll see when we get
to the specs the phone has been bumped up in thickness from the s you can
definitely tell even though it's still very thin the camera bump sinks in the
housing a bit more on the phone has a good amount of weight to it when it
comes to but in speaker and charging port placement is exactly the same as
you would expect the author and some phones as of late now if you think the
guys cs is a nice looking phone will feel the exact same way with a five now
we know simpson is known for displaying their great Super AMOLED technology and
the  definitely lives up to its name with this very vibrant colors here we
have a Super AMOLED . inch display at p with the PPI of  and no it's
not quite tasty like that s sex but of course this is a more budget friendly
phone with such a small screen creating a PPI of  it's more than enough this
complex resize helps one-handed use and the resolution here makes text appear
very sharp of course the most AMOLED panels whites may tend to lean towards
pink issues but here on a  off and another downside with Emily panels is
our lack of greatness with a five there are no issues at all
easily making for a great viewing experience even under direct sunlight
overall p on a . inch Super AMOLED display is fantastic and there is
nothing to complain about here when it comes to the hardware you'll find
exactly what you're familiar with on any sampling phone as of late
nothing has been taken away and there's only one new addition although it's a
big one
microSD card expansion on the right side we have a large dual SIM tray this
brings out allowing for either to nano SIM cards or  sim and democracy card
for up to  gigs of storage the speaker still place on the bottom right
and it's also pretty decent but is facing away from the viewer and is easy
to cover up we have a physical home button and surrounded by the back and
recent a capacitive buttons but they are reversal on all Samsung phones as
expected the physical home button also doubles as a fingerprint scanner and is
very reliable and fast although it may take a little bit longer than the s
thanks to the  slaughter processing power and speaking of processing power
insider a five we have a problem Snapdragon  although some regions may
have the exodus  get the RAM and once again depending on your region you
may have their drina  GPU or the Maliti  you do only get  gigs of
internal storage so you probably need to take advantage of the microSD card slot
and due to the bump up in thickness we also have a bump up in battery capacity
at two thousand nine hundred million dollars the s has some pretty bad
battery life thinks it's tiny battery and power sucking display but here we
have a decently sized battery and more energy-efficient a sh t display so I was
able to get some good battery life out of the  four and a half hours of
screen on time will probably your average when using the phone moderately
and does just enough juice for me to last all day usually being under %
when it's time to sleep now as real performance when using the phone it's
what you would expect for more mid-range processing package normal task like
opening up absence I've been in and out to the recent apps screen is fast enough
to create a good workflow there's not really any performance issues here
except that pesky touch was briefing screen which really isn't a processing
power issue just a software issue he clenched and into to give the Galaxy a
fivesome lower scores at 
 and   respectively
gaming holds up pretty nicely here with not many dropped frames creating a very
pleasurable experience the Galaxy  is running enter lollipop five-point .
which is a little disappointing for recently-released phone especially with
injured and being announced soon but Sampson clearly is saving the
marshmallow version of TouchWiz for the new Galaxy S seven line up the version
of Tetris here is pretty much identical to what we've been used to on the Galaxy
phones of  is very customizable without too many sleep features falling
down on a blank area of the home screen will bring up options to customize
wallpapers you can add widgets apply theme and even change the screen credit
it's a pretty smooth experience overall with animations only stuttering once in
a while the notification pulldown isn't very well with a button sticking up too
much room and if you're not a fan of this car scheme you can easily change
with a new theme the recent at screen has been altered from stock however we
do have an option to triggered a window mode which is a great feature to have
even if it's a small . inch screen it only works for startups but still is
very useful oh and remember that briefing speed I mentioned before it's
pretty laggy but it does this by news articles in a very appealing way but
that lag may be too much for some people and thankfully you can disable it
another area where simpson save some money for consumers is with the camera
which is a little unfortunate as pictures taken with a five are very far
off from the Galaxy S six quality we have a  megapixel rear-facing sensor
with an average of . and optical image stabilization pictures don't look too
bad with some extra shopping going on to help create sharper images but a big
problem with the camera is it a test overexposed a lot and East Dr doesn't
really help too much making just an overall operator image but when a photo
isn't overexposed the image actually comes up pretty nice with good colors
also  is going to be the aspect ratio that you're shooting if you want to take
advantage of the full  megapixels local areas will create buried all
images with college disappearing and lots of noise showing up
up the front facing  megapixel camera create some very soft looking images
sharpness but as long as you are as bright as the background will end up
with an OK shot however most of the time this is hard to do and magnifies the
rear facing cameras problem of over exposing even more do is definitely
better smartphone cameras out there for this price range but still they 's
camera isn't about  just need to do some work when trying to snap a photo of
a scene with high contrast for the most part the Galaxy a five star sticker
Galaxy S six with mid-range specs better battery life and a lower resolution
screen some of these things are improvements and some are definitely a
step down although they won't cause any major issues the Galaxy  is a great
phone for users who enjoyed the Galaxy S six but aren't a fan of its two major
problems high price and mediocre battery life the galaxy  these problems with
an extra twenty or thirty percent of life throughout the day and is about
half the price of the a-six I just release the  will only set you back
about $ for galaxy phone has some really great deal until you factor in
the biggest anger and disappointment of the phone its poor camera it's nowhere
near the quality of its flagship brother and that may be a big deal breaker for
some people around $ there are better options out there for sure but if you
invested in the staffing ecosystem and love the Galaxy design the a five won't
disappoint first price and that concludes our review of the galaxy a 
sure you don't let us know what you think of it in the comments below and
make sure you check out and a  . com for the full in-depth review because we
are your source for all things Android

Senin, 18 Januari 2016

The rupiah weakened, tempe and tofu are expensive

Yesterday afternoon, but the mood of work at a factory in the area home knew Mampang, South Jakarta, was still crowded.
Four employees of the factory know that work with enterprising while listening to music.
They cultivate the idea with cheerful, even though the owner of the factory, Sutarno, has a strange problem.
Soybean prices that continue to rise making omzetnya dropped.
According to Sutarno, before the fasting month prices of basic materials know i.e. soy less than $ 700,000 for one kuintal. However, now a kuintal of soybeans valued at Rp 710.000.
"Yes we have to measure him ngecilin. We will not be able to price naikin, kayaking naikin soy prices, "explained Sutarno.

Sutarno is forced to make know the smaller increase in the price of soybeans to get around
Raise prices
Price increases perceived also Andi, a seller of fried foods.
However, unlike Sutarno, Andi raise the price tempe and tofu fritters that she sell due to rising prices of staple foodstuffs.
These measures do not always make it print profit.
"Yes chancy. We nyari aja percentage between the capital and the sales. Kitanya ngeluh, consumers also ngeluh, "said Andi.

Traders were forced to raise the price of fried tempe, tempe
Economic design
High imported raw materials, such as soybeans, is swept up in the weakness of the rupiah exchange rate against the United States dollar. According to Bank Indonesia on Wednesday (08/07) noon EDT, US $ 1 Rp 13.279 appreciated.
The weakening of the rupiah exchange rate against the United States dollar occurred because global economic factors and also the situation in the country, said economist from INDEF, Sugiyono.
So that this does not continue, Sugiyono has advice for the Government.
"It's economic policy design, we will what. It has to be determined, "said Sugiyono.
Sugiyono predicts that Indonesia's currency will not be improved in a short time. However, he argued the society is able to manage their finances and avoid the expense of a less urgent needs.
But before Lebaran, know clearly become one of the essential needs, without a decrease in the value of the rupiah price is usually increased.